Owners & Committees

Campbell Corporate Services offers experience and support to ensure your Owners Corporation achieves all its goals.

We have developed our specialised systems to meet the specific needs of owners, and provide:

  • Campbell Owners Information Pack to new owners
  • Campbell Smooth transfers of ownership and the necessary supporting documents
  • Campbell Management of Owners Corporation and individual owner accounts
  • Campbell Financial data for owners as requested for investment/taxation purposes
  • Campbell Smooth payment of fees/accounts through DEFT system with a variety of methods to suit all owners
  • Campbell Management and payment of accounts for Owners Corporation services
  • Campbell Storage and maintenance of Owners Corporation records
  • Campbell Efficient and economic management of the Owners Corporation, through working with Committees
  • Campbell Option to attend Annual General Meetings either physically or electronically
  • Campbell Arrangement of the insurance placement and claims management
  • Campbell Management and reporting on jobs arising through to completion via our specifically developed job tracker system
  • Campbell Management of the upkeep of your valuable asset by our experienced team, who can source and co-ordinate a wide range of contractors to carry out the services and maintenance required for your property

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