A Great Team

Paul Campbell and his wife Kathy have owned an owners corporation and body corporate management business since 2007. From an initial team of four managing 170 body corporates, we now manage nearly five hundred properties spread over six individual owners corporation (body corporate) portfolios.

We’re proud members of Strata Communities Australia, which is a professional association for the Owners Corporation industry in Victoria that provides professional practice guidelines, ethical standards and professional development to Owners Corporation Managers. While our extended team of contractors is large, these are our core team members:

FSC Group - Paul Campbell
FSC Group - Maleela Jullyan

Maleela Jullyan

General Manager
FSC Group - Krista Dale

Krista Dale

Executive Business Manager
FSC Group - Mark Macallister

Mark Macallister

Senior Owners Corporation Manager
FSC Group - Gerard Leslie

Gerard Leslie

Owners Corporation Manager
FSC Group - Stavros Xipolitos

Stavros Xipolitos

Owners Corporation Manager
FSC Group - Jo Nekea

Jo Nekea

Owners Corporation Manager
FSC Group - Kristy Haritakis

Kristy Haritakis

Junior Owners Corporation Manager
FSC Group - Laura Giammarino

Laura Giammarino

FSC Group - Gemma Cumming

Gemma Cumming


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