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We believe an Owners Corporation operates effectively when there are clear expectations of all parties involved.

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Our Owners Corporation Managers have key performance indicators, which ensure their functions are performed in an ethical, proactive and timely manner. These KPIs include;

  • Campbell Phone calls – returned within 24 hours.
  • Campbell Emails – responded to within 2 days.
  • Campbell Proactive management with the aim of ensuring the property is well maintained.
  • Campbell Prompt response to emergency and maintenance issues that arise outside the scope of the AGM.
  • Campbell Engagement of qualified, compliant and competent tradespeople.
  • Campbell Always acting in good faith and in accordance with the SCA (Vic) Code of Conduct
  • Campbell The ability to conduct the business of the Owners Corporation in a respectful and business-like manner.
  • Campbell Ensuring there are funds available and in reserve to conduct the day-to-day business and support the long-term goals of the Owners Corporation.

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