Why Choose CCS

Campbell Corporate Services has a team of fifteen staff members which includes six owners corporation managers. This level of administrative support enables our managers to focus on service delivery and relationships with owners and committees. Having this size of business enables us to combine the values of a family business with the professionalism of experienced and well trained staff and the adoption of cutting edge technology.

Our experience with a wide range of property types, including larger more complex buildings, permits us to provide advice or recommendations on anything to do with owners corporation management.


With extensive knowledge of the Owners Corporation Act along with state legislation, we pride ourselves with the know-how and confidence required to deal with all situations, including those that may be difficult or problematic. We do all in our power to introduce recommended solutions that can ultimately benefit all lot owners and property inclusively.

We also investigate where we can introduce cost savings for every owner. We dedicate time analysing your property expenses while inspecting your annual budget. We determine where costs can be adjusted without sacrificing service or living standards.

If you are looking for a new owners corporation manager, we are happy to arrange a suitable time to meet with you and/or your committee members to discuss a possible solution for all your strata management needs.